Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kindergarten O'Keefe Flowers

Our Kindergarten students sing an artist song, at their recognition program that includes Monet, Klee, and O'Keefe.  We create artwork that coordinates with the Artists and display them at the program. I hope to post the song soon. These are some O'Keefe inspired paintings from a few years ago. I also hope to post Klee and Monet inspired art as we finish this years.


  1. Yay! New art blogs! I try and find 1 new art ed blog a week and I came across your blog on Mini Matisse. Enjoy your blogging adventures!

  2. I love your profile pic. That is one super cool head piece. What's going on up there? :)

  3. Every year we have a program called Writer's Jubilee on a Saturday, we have a keynote speaker. Mostly authors and illustrators, and that year the author gave those headpieces to the teachers, at her in school program. So on Saturday you know I had to wear them, as I lead a hands-on program about collage. We have students come from all over the area.